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How to grab some fast-casual snacks with your favorite rapid food brands

Quick-service snack companies have come under fire recently over their use of the phrase “rap snacks” in their marketing materials.

The word “rap” is a slang term for food products with a higher fat content than other foods.

It has become an unofficial term for fast-food foods, which are typically served with a high-fat-content product.

The word has become popular in the fast-moving world of fast food and fast-fashion chains, where fast food is marketed in terms of convenience, convenience, quickness, ease of preparation, and quality.

Fast-food companies also use “rap food” in advertising.

Rap snacks, which were invented by fast- food chains like Chipotle and Pizza Hut, typically contain a mixture of ground beef, vegetables, and sauces.

These snacks are typically loaded with fast food ingredients like chicken, turkey, and other meats.

While some companies have apologized for using the phrase, other fast-service food companies have not.

In March, a federal appeals court ruled that Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Dunkin Donuts are not liable for using “rap foods” in advertisements.

The court also ruled that Burger King has not used the phrase in advertising and does not have to change it.

The company’s spokesperson, Brian Smith, told the Washington Post in March that the company was “very disappointed” in the court’s ruling.

A lawsuit filed by the Center for Media Justice, a consumer advocacy group, accused Taco Bell and Wendy’s of using the term “rap snack” in a misleading way, and called for the food company to “cease and desist” from using it in advertising, and to remove the use of “rap”-based terms from its marketing materials and packaging.

Fast-casually food companies, like Burger King, have been quick to apologize for using it.

In a statement to The Huffington Post, Burger King said, “we do not use the term ‘rap snack’ in our marketing materials, and we are very disappointed with the court ruling that found this to be the case.

We will comply with the ruling and will issue an apology.”

The fast-fast food companies did not respond to requests for comment from HuffPost.

A representative for Taco Bell told HuffPost, “We have never been in the business of using slang terms to describe foods that are not ‘rap.’

We always think about the food and what we’re serving first and foremost, and this is a common refrain in our restaurants.”

The spokesperson said that the fast food chain has “a long history of using creative language to market our foods, and have done so since our inception.

We have been careful not to use the word ‘rap’ in any of our marketing, and for many years, we have used the word responsibly.”

A spokesperson for Wendy’s told HuffPost that “we believe the word is not an intentional term and we’re happy to have it removed.”

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When is a man not allowed to have a girlfriend

Rap music is booming in the United States, and with that comes a whole new genre of rap music.

One of the first and most successful is the new genre known as hip-hop, which is also known as rap.

Hip-hop was created in the 1980s by MC Eiht, a German producer who became known for his lyrical skills and ability to turn his songs into a hit.

Hip hop music has been embraced by many people of all ages, including children, teens and adults.

The term “hip-hop” has been used to describe any song that is made up of multiple verses or rhymes.

The song itself is usually composed by someone from a different generation or background, and it is usually meant to represent an era.

In the United Kingdom, there are a number of genres of hip-hip-hip hip-hoppers.

These are the songs that are usually performed at festivals, and are generally produced by a group of people.

One popular hip-hip-hop style is called dubstep, and is characterized by rapid beats, bass-heavy beats and the use of synthesizers.

Another popular hip hop style is trap, which has gained popularity over the last few years as well.

The term trap is often used to refer to rap music that uses hip-Hop elements.

There are also a number to genres of dance music, which includes trap and dancehall.

It is generally believed that hip hop is the first dance music genre to be popularized by the rise of the electronic music industry.

There are currently more than 300 different hip-hops on the radio, including several that have received Grammy nominations.

In 2018, the New York-based HipHopDX magazine named “the hip hop world’s hottest rap” for the first time.

Many of these artists have received nominations for awards and have been awarded gold, platinum and other major awards.

One of the most popular hip rap artists in the world is Lil Wayne.

He has sold over 2.5 million albums and has released more than 30 albums, most of which are in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of hip hop in the U.S. It has become an integral part of pop culture and is a popular genre for teenagers and young adults to gravitate towards.

Hip HopDX Magazine recently ranked the 50 most popular rappers on the planet based on their influence on the younger demographic.

This year, Drake has ranked first, followed by Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Common, Drake, and Lil Wayne, the latter of whom ranked third.

In 2017, Lil Wayne ranked first in Billboard’s list of the Top 100 Greatest Rap Albums.

How to Rapidly Detect Rapidly Spreading Covid and Rapidly Prepare for It

Rapid multi-site covid and rapid covid-diphtheria vaccine deployment could make the United States a global leader in antiviral strategies, according to a new report.

Rapid antiviral vaccine deployment is now being tested in more than 100 countries across the globe, with most countries in the U.S. expected to receive a dose by late March, according a new McKinsey & Co. report.

The United States has already taken advantage of rapid deployment, with more than 70% of Americans already receiving a shot.

But the McKinsey report suggests that rapid deployment may be needed even in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, where rapid vaccines have been used for the past three decades.

The report, called Rapid Multi-Site Covid and Vaccine Deployment: A Strategic Case Study, is based on a study of rapid vaccine deployments in eight countries that has been conducted by the Institute for the Prevention of Communicable Diseases (IPCDC) and other leading antiviral research centers.

RapID multiserve vaccines have become the most effective means of preventing the spread of coronavirus, the report said.

The U.K. has the highest number of people receiving a rapid vaccine, at about 10 million people, followed by the Netherlands with 8.2 million people and Australia with 6.5 million.

But the Netherlands has the lowest rate of people vaccinated, at 1.2% of the population, while the United Kavins has the second-lowest rate, at 3%.

Rapid vaccines can be used in a range of ways, including by the elderly, pregnant women, children, the disabled, and people with compromised immune systems, the study found.

The rapid vaccines in the Netherlands have been shown to be highly effective against both the coronaviruses H1N1 and H1NPV.

The H1NV vaccine has shown great success in reducing the spread and killing of the coronas, while a trial has shown that the rapid vaccines can also prevent the spread or spread of viruses such as coronaviral diseases such as the coronovirus.

In the United State, rapid deployment of rapid vaccines was first used in 2006.

In that year, more than 7.4 million people received the rapid vaccine and more than 11 million people had been vaccinated.

The number of new cases has fallen to about 3,000 a day from about 11,000 in June 2016, the McKinsell study found, with the rate of deaths in the US at just over 2,500 a day.

Rapids in the past decade have been accompanied by the emergence of other new coronavirotic coronavireptics, such as covalent capsid-based vaccines, which have also been successful in lowering the risk of the pandemic.

The McKinsey study found that the use of covalently-wrapped, adjuvant-laden vaccines, in combination with a combination of low-dose doses of a combination antiviral regimen and high-dose regimens of a smallpox vaccine, will provide the most robust protection against coronavids.

Rapide vaccines have also led to increased use of the rapid influenza vaccine.

A high-profile study published in September by the journal Science found that a vaccine with two doses of the influenza vaccine, called CFSV-2, increased the rate at which people died of the virus by more than 95% when compared with one that had no vaccine.

When rap lyrics are really bad

Rap lyrics have long been associated with a certain sort of hip-hop aesthetic, but that has now been proven wrong.

The Rap-Lyrics Association of America has launched a contest that asks rappers to come up with lyrics that “sound like a real rap lyric.”

The contest, which was first launched by the RLA in 2005, was inspired by the idea of “rap poetry,” a genre that combines hip-hopping and poetry in a way that is more accessible than other types of poetry.

The RLA’s competition aims to create a better understanding of rap lyrics, which have long had a strong cultural resonance in the United States.

The group says the idea came to it after seeing rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and Nas using rap lyrics to explain their lives.

The lyrics of many rap artists are a mixture of poetry and lyrics that are also about the subject matter, but not necessarily the same.

These types of rap poetry can be used to explain the lyrics themselves, the group said.

It’s the sort of poetry that’s so powerful that you think, “This is what rap should be about.”

How to spot a rape drug gangster rap song

Posted March 04, 2018 15:03:37A gangster rapper, known by his stage name Raffaele Eminem, is a popular rapper in the hip hop world, with his rap group Gangsta Booze featuring some of the biggest hits in the genre.

His latest song, Rape Gouhouka (第二転声, Raffaekā?), is a rap about a woman who is raped by a gangster, but the lyrics aren’t exactly explicit.

Eminem said in an interview with The Verge that he was inspired by a song by rapper Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whose album The Rock and the Gangsta Boogie featured an explicit rape scene.

“I wanted to use it as a reference point to see what I could come up with,” Eminem explained.

Emumans lyrics are meant to convey a sense of helplessness, but it can also reflect his strong desire to be the best.

The song features lyrics that speak of how his mother was raped, but he added that the real reason he chose the rape scene was because he wanted to highlight his mother’s past as a rape victim.

Emmes mother was a rape survivor who was forced to remain in a convent after she was accused of witchcraft and later became a nun.

When Eminem was a child, he witnessed his mother being beaten to death and was traumatized by the incident.

“When I was a kid, I saw my mother getting beaten and I was traumatised,” Emms mother told The Verge.

“The trauma was very strong for me.

I was also traumatised by seeing the same thing happen to my grandmother and my stepmother.

I wanted to be a better person.

I didn’t want to be like that.”

Emms father also committed suicide after the rape, according to his son, who said his father had been raped by his mother.

“My dad had to live with that trauma for the rest of his life,” Emmys father said.

“So he took his life.

It made me think about everything I had been through.

That’s why I chose the subject of rape.”

A Rap Song by Gangsta Boyz is an example of a rap song that Emmes father created to reflect his life as a gang member.

“It’s a song that has a lot of elements to it,” Emumis father told The New York Times.

“There’s a lot to it.

It’s a rap and it has a gangsta vibe.”

The lyrics of the song, however, have been criticized by some rappers who say they are insensitive to rape survivors.

“To me, the lyrics are about my mother, but I’ve never seen rape victims and it wasn’t a crime that she committed, so I don’t understand the logic behind it,” the rapper known as Black Boy wrote on Twitter.

“Rape is a crime against humanity, and you can’t really talk about it.”

“I’ve always been a rape-victim myself,” Emmings mother told the New York Daily News.

“No matter what I’m doing now, I’m always a victim.

So if you want to get rid of the subject, just kill me.”

Emmes rap album The Rocket Man features lyrics about how the gangsters rape women, and it features a rape scene from the movie The Last Supper.

“All the rape scenes are supposed to be just about rape,” Emmeys father said, “so I feel it’s a very insensitive song.”

Emmems father also pointed out that some of his fans were upset by his use of a rape gangster song.

“This has nothing to do with rape.

This has everything to do to show how stupid the fans are,” he told The Daily Beast.

“What they don’t know is that I wrote this to be funny.”

Raffaeale Emmes’ Rap Song Emmem is the only rapper in hip hop history to have written a rap that uses a rape rape rape gangsta rape gangstas rape rape Rape Gououka (Raffaecha) (Rafaechak) Rape Gouueka (Drake) Rape Houou (Dwight Howard) Rape Mou (Dwayne Johnson) Rape Gangster (The Rock) Rape Boogie (The Gangsta Booty) Rape Razzie (Dreger) Rape The Rock (The G-Unit) Rape Big (The B-52’s) Rape Rock (RZA) Rape Rap (The Roots) Rape I’m a Gangsta (The Game) Rape Sinner (The Killers) Rape Ate My Mom (Reebok) Rape Girl, I Got the Gun (Banks) Rape Pussy (The Ramones) Rape Mamas (The Fugees) Rape Fuck

‘Rape, rape culture’ in rapid city

Rapid City, South Africa – It is a town that has had its share of rapes, and the recent spate of violence has only served to highlight the need for change.

Rape is rampant in Rapid City – there are reports of dozens of cases a day.

“I was walking home at night one night and two of the men, both white, started following me.

They were not aggressive at all,” said Rieke Wessels, a member of the city’s indigenous community.

He was taken to the city police station, where a police officer informed him that if he wanted to report the incident, he would have to provide the identity of the man who had done the attacking.

Wessels was told by the officer that it was “a rape culture” and he could not report the assault.

While the incident is an alarming example of how rape and other forms of sexual violence are often underreported in Rapid Cities, Wesselss and other local activists are calling for more attention to the issue.

“We need to stop giving this sort of treatment to people who are in need of help,” said Wessel.

One such activist, Riek Nel, is the founder of the Rapid City Rape Relief Centre, a nonprofit that helps victims of rape and sexual assault in Rapid, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

It was founded by the family of a woman who was raped at the age of 13 by a man from her home village in the city.

After years of being told she had no other choice but to leave the country, she took refuge in Cape Town with her mother and siblings.

Now she has set up a shelter to help victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abduction, and forced marriages.

Nel, who also works as a human rights activist, has seen the need to address rape and violence in Rapid grow over the years.

“It is happening every day,” she said.

In the early 2000s, the city experienced an outbreak of violence after the police station was stormed by a group of youths in retaliation for a series of murders.

The following year, a number of rape cases were reported, including a 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped and raped.

Police arrested several men, and then released several of the accused, who were accused of raping the girl.

Over the years, a series was reported of police officers harassing, assaulting and even killing women.

Then in 2016, there were several high-profile rapes involving teenage girls and young men, including one in which a young man was shot dead by police in broad daylight, sparking mass protests in the South African capital.

For several years, there has also been an uptick in violent incidents involving black people.

According to the National Police, the number of African nationals in South Africa is at a record high of nearly 3.4 million, while the country has a black population of 1.8 million.

Despite the high number of crimes, the rate of police brutality has become more prevalent.

Last year, police officers were found to have used excessive force in a series with the death of 17-year old Malik Gabor in Pretoria.

Gabor was shot by the officers while he was handcuffed in a vehicle.

Since the start of the year, the police have been accused of shooting at at least eight people, including two unarmed civilians, in the capital.

A week earlier, a police shooting that killed a woman in the country’s second city, Johannesberg, sparked massive protests in both cities.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights Council has raised serious concerns about the continued use of excessive force by police.

At a recent meeting, South African President Jacob Zuma said the police force was “inadequate” and needed to be reformed.

A recent report by Amnesty International also stated that South Africa’s criminal justice system is “totally broken”.

“It’s time for a serious, thorough, and independent review of the police,” the report stated.

This is not the first time Rapid City has faced the issue of rape.

In 2016, the local authorities issued an emergency order that called for a special police unit to be established to tackle rape.

On Thursday, the council passed a resolution condemning the attack on the young woman and calling for the immediate dismantling of the law enforcement apparatus and its replacement with a civilian police force.

Local activists are also calling for an overhaul of the legal system, calling for judicial independence, greater transparency, and greater accountability for police. 

The country’s legal system has been plagued by corruption, racism and impunity, and its lack of transparency has created a climate of impunity.

As a result, the country faces the potential for an increase in cases of rape, which is often the trigger for mass protests.

During the first two months of 2017, a total of 2,700 people were arrested in Rapid.

Some activists have

How to Avoid Rap Rape Fantasy Stories in Your Rap Podcast

In rap podcasts, rape fantasy stories have become a staple, with rappers often using them to further their themes.

But what if you can’t afford the rap fantasy?

If you want to avoid the rape fantasy, here are some tips for avoiding the Rap Rap Rape fantasy.1.

Don’t make it about rape at all.

This is especially important for hip-hop podcasts, where rape is often used to highlight the misogyny of the rap industry.

When rape fantasy is a staple of rap podcasts for hip hop fans, they tend to focus on a handful of rapes.

But if you want your podcast to be relevant to hip hop culture, you want the rape fantasies to be about a wider range of crimes.

You don’t want the rappers to use rape fantasies about rapes from different cultures, races, or sexual orientations.2.

Use realistic rape scenarios.

Rap podcasts tend to feature mostly rape scenarios that focus on people trying to solve crimes with guns, drugs, and/or alcohol.

This means that rape fantasy scenarios are typically not based on the actual crimes that happen in real life.

For example, if a rapper was trying to explain how he got a woman pregnant by having sex with her at a bar, he might talk about how he beat the woman to death and put the body in the dumpster.

Instead of talking about a woman’s murder, the rapper might talk more about how a group of thugs got the woman pregnant.

In fact, rap podcasts often feature rape fantasies in which the rapist gets away with murdering people and stealing their money.3.

Limit rape fantasy to a single rape scene.

Rap podcasting doesn’t necessarily have to be a rape fantasy.

If you don’t think your rape fantasy could be a rap podcast, consider writing a rape story that focuses on the victim of a crime.

Instead, talk about what happened and how the victim survived.

For a rap fantasy to be worth your time, you might want to talk about a variety of rapes, from rape fantasies that involve murder to rape fantasies where the victim is sexually assaulted.4.

Avoid using a rapist’s real name or real hometown.

Rap fantasy episodes usually use rap artists’ real names and hometowns in order to show that the rape was really happening.

However, the reality is that many rap artists and rappers are not very good at hiding their real identities.

Rap artists who are famous for using their real names often use rap fantasy scenes to show how the rape victim is hiding something from the gang.

In rap fantasy stories where the rape has a gang component, the victim’s gang is usually the rapist.

Rap listeners may find that using real names or hometowns is easier for rappers who use rap fantasies to avoid being caught by a police investigation.5.

Be aware of stereotypes and other forms of racism in your rap podcast.

Rap music is often portrayed as a place where white men get to enjoy their rap, while black men are often the victims.

If the rapper you’re listening to has a rap show that’s not based in reality, be aware that this might be a form of racism.

How to become an anime rapist

The latest trend is the rape pron: to add an apostrophe to the end of the word “rape”, and make it sound like a noun (rather than a verb).

It’s a convenient way of making it sound as though a rape is a crime.

There are also the rape hearts: when a character says, “This is rape”, it means that it’s happening.

There’s no reason to be offended by them; they’re not really rape.

But in the words of a former New York Times columnist, they’re a “dissent of the day”.

There are no more rape hearts.

There will be no more Rape Pronouns.

The only thing that will remain is the word rape, and there will be none of its other meanings, like “a crime against nature”.

But if the word becomes the new crime, how will it change the world?

The word rape was invented by the American writer and activist Erich Fromm in 1933.

It came about because of a case in which a female police officer, named Sarah Dutton, was accused of raping a young man.

She was acquitted, but she became a celebrity and a pariah, and her name became synonymous with sexual abuse.

Fromm, a liberal, was an atheist, but he believed that rape was an evil act, and that the punishment for it was death.

So he created the word.

And it’s still the word we use today.

But is it right?

It is.

From 1972, it was changed to the words “rape, assault” and “sexual assault”.

The law was amended in 1979, to change it to “sexual intercourse”.

But there are other ways of changing the word: for example, to make it mean something like “inappropriate sexual behaviour”, “sexual exploitation”, “sexually offensive conduct”, “non-consensual sexual intercourse” or “sexual abuse”.

But it’s never been clear what the correct meaning is.

The first time a new word was changed was in 1998, when the word faggot was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

But it was a short term and the word didn’t have any legal significance, so it didn’t make it into the dictionary.

What was the point of adding the word at all?

The Oxford English Corpus says that the word comes from a Greek word, meaning “to put on a façade”, so it’s easy to see how a word like faggots could be a euphemism for “sex” in the eyes of the law.

But from the start, there was confusion.

When it was first added to Oxford, the Oxford OED said it was meant “in the sense of ‘furniture for the display of female breasts'”.

And in a later edition, it said it meant “to conceal one’s breasts”.

It didn’t say what the original meaning was.

And even after the OED updated its definition, the OE kept changing it until it was “a vulgarity”.

In 2015, a panel of judges said that it was incorrect, saying that faggotte is a “brazen and unseemly word, so should be restricted”.

This caused a huge uproar, because it meant that it could no longer be used in a courtroom.

The Oxford OE said it wanted to be “clear that words of this kind have no legal value”.

But from its own dictionary, the dictionary of English, the word does not appear to be a “legal value”, and the Oxford Dictionaries Committee has no authority to make changes to the OEF’s definition of the words.

The word fagot is still widely used in the UK, and it’s a popular word in Australia too.

It has been used in slang.

And the word itself is still being used as a synonym for “pornography”.

So is there any real reason to change the word?

There are three different definitions of “porno” in Australia.

The original definition was that it refers to sexual images of people without consent.

It was based on an article in the Australian Law Review in 1982, which was written by the prominent legal historian Peter Tatchell.

The article said that the term porn had been invented by a group of academics and politicians, and was meant to refer to sexual material which was “not of legitimate commercial value”.

The OED has since added a footnote to its definition to say that it doesn’t mean “posterity”, “fantasy”, or “films”.

But the definition is still used, and is still confusing.

The Australian Sexual Offences Act 1984, for example (which was introduced in the 1990s), says that it means: “any material of a sexual nature” that depicts a person, or depicts any object, of a person’s or of an identifiable group of persons, that depicts, or is likely to depict, sexual activity involving penetration, or includes a visual depiction of sexual activity.

So in other words, it

Walmart Rapid City Is A Rape Porno Featuring Raped Walmart Employees

Walmart Rapid’s new store in Rapid City, Kansas, was a hot seller, and soon the company was facing accusations of being a “rape porn company.”

However, the real rape porn is a Walmart product called Rapid City Rape Porno.

According to a recent video posted by the company’s Instagram account, Rapid City is the “rape capital of the world” with “the fastest-growing rape industry in the country.”

That’s right, Rapid’s rape porn business was reportedly so lucrative that it earned Walmart an extra $150 million in revenue last year, all thanks to the company sending a video to the world.

Walmart’s Rapid City rape porn video shows Walmart workers being “forced to participate in a simulated rape” in a Walmart store, which is followed by the words “this is how Walmart rapes you.”

The Rapid City Rapist video quickly went viral, receiving more than 1.7 million views in just 24 hours.

But the actual rape porn that Walmart is selling in Rapid is actually a Walmart sex toy, and according to BuzzFeed, Walmart has been using the Rapid Rape Porgi as part of a promotional campaign.

As BuzzFeed notes, Walmart’s sex toy sales have surged over the last decade, and the Rapid City video, which was filmed in 2017, was one of the companys biggest viral hits.

Walmart recently started to pull the Rapid city Rape Porni product from its stores in the United States, and in August 2017, the company announced that it was ending its promotion.

But Walmart continues to sell the Rapid rape porno, and BuzzFeed reports that Rapid City Rapid, the brand name of the Rapid Store in Rapid, Kansas was already being used by other Walmart brands, including the “Rapid Rapist” brand.

Walmart Rapid was the company behind the “Worst Company in America” sex toy line, which featured a series of videos that featured people being forced to have sex with each other, which BuzzFeed reports Walmart has continued to use in its Rapid stores in Rapid County, Arkansas, and elsewhere.

But it’s Walmart Rapid that seems to be selling the rape porn porno.

BuzzFeed notes that the Rapid company is still in business, and Walmart is now pulling the Rapid Porno product from Rapid City.

However, Rapid CEO Joe Guglielmi said that the company will continue to use the Rapid Sex Porno brand.

“We still use that name and that brand,” Gugelmi told BuzzFeed.

“There are some things that I think the people of Rapid are more familiar with.”

He continued: “There’s nothing wrong with Rapid in the sense that they’re an important company, and they have a great product and a great brand.

And it’s something we have to deal with and we’re going to deal, I think, with that in our own way.”

But while Walmart’s decision to pull Rapid’s Rapid rape Porgis may be good for Walmart, the Rapid brand has been used by some companies in the past to sell sex toys.

BuzzFeed reports a number of brands including Munchies, Pimps and Sex Toy Shop are using Rapid to sell their sex toys, including “Rapist,” which is marketed as a “sex toy for people who are looking for a real-life rape fantasy.”

BuzzFeed notes one brand of Rapid, P.R. Toys, has used the Rapid sex toy brand to market a series a sex toys called the “Bully Spermator.”

“Rapists, Pissies and Semen-Slaying” is also used by Rapid in their advertising, BuzzFeed writes.

But in the same article, Rapid says that they have not been using Rapid as part “of a sex toy promotion.”

And BuzzFeed notes Rapid is not the only brand of sex toys that uses the Rapid name.

BuzzFeed says a number other brands also use the brand in advertising, including Amazon, where Rapid is “one of the top sellers in Amazon’s category.”

In addition, BuzzFeed notes another brand of the same Rapid product called the Rapid Rapist, is also available at

BuzzFeed also notes that is selling a Rapid Rape Porn and Rapid Rapism product, and is selling Rapid Rape and RapidRapism products.

BuzzFeed adds that Amazon is also using the “Rampage Rapist brand” in their promotional materials, as well as the Rapid and RapidPorn brands in their online store.

BuzzFeed points out that the and products use the same logo as the Amazon and Amazon products.

Trump’s speech to Congress: ‘It’s Time for Change’

President Donald Trump delivered a rousing address to the United States Congress on Thursday in which he vowed to take on the “fake news” and “fake politics” that he has accused of ruining the country.

Trump made the remarks on the final day of the 115th Congress, which he leads.

The White House has previously announced the speech was a sign that Trump is focusing more on domestic policy and is focused on working to get the legislative agenda passed.

Here are the key takeaways from Trump’s address to Congress on his 100th day in office.

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