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How to find a Japanese rape story

A new anime series based on a rape-themed manga is about to debut in Japan.

Rape Culture: My First Rape is a manga series created by Yutaka Sakuraba (the creator of the popular Yume Nikki series) and illustrated by Katsumi Iizuka (Yume Nikki and Shinkai).

The series centers on a fictional character named Shinkawa, who is forced to take on a role as a maid at the hands of her abusive landlord.

The series’ opening and ending themes were performed by Shinkajou-kantoku, a Japanese band who performed the Japanese version of the track “Rape Song” for the anime’s first episode.

The song is a popular Japanese pop song, and the lyrics are about how women are forced to have sex, and how it’s often consensual.

Rapes are extremely rare in Japan, according to Sakurada, who said he is very proud of the song, which he says has received positive responses from listeners and viewers.

The series will be produced by Production I.G. and will premiere on January 27, 2019.

It will be a different story than the story that has been told in many anime series that deal with rape, Sakurara told TIME.

In many anime, rape is either a sexual crime or a sexual violation of the law.

In this series, it’s a rape story, and we are also showing it from the perspective of Shinkawas father.

I want to make the viewers feel the pain of the father of the rape victim, Sakursay said.

In the first episode, Shinkabes father tells Shinkawan that he has been having an affair with his daughter.

He tells her that his daughter is his only daughter, and she has told him to get a divorce.

But Shinkowas daughter does not want a divorce, she says.

In the second episode, she tells Shinks father she is going to have a baby, but Shinkaws father doesn’t want the baby to be a boy.

But the baby is a girl, and Shinks mother, who was watching the episode from a distance, believes Shinko is making Shinkawaras child his own.

The show’s creators hope viewers will understand why rape is a taboo subject in Japan and will want to see Shinkas father and daughter continue the family life they had before the rape.

Shinkawatas father says he feels that the series will make viewers understand that the sexual assault is rape.

This is a real issue that has existed for a long time, and I think that people will want more, Sakuri said.

It’s been a very long time since I have had such a strong connection with my daughter.

I have always been her friend and the one who always has her back, Sakuranaga said.

I am very proud that we are able to create a series based from a very positive story, Sakuryama said.