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A group of dolphins has been caught on video being raped by a male humpback whale, and a dolphin who was also captured on video was also raped.

Caleb Johnson, who lives in Oregon, was driving along the Columbia River on Friday when he noticed a group of whales near the town of Linn.

Johnson said he saw one of the whales “turn around and come up to me with the dolphin on his shoulder,” and the dolphin was not very happy about it.

Johnson said the whale was “fearing for his life” and that he tried to run away, but the whale “grabbed my arms and dragged me up onto the back of the whale.”

Johnson told The Associated Press that the whale then pulled him into the water and started to “grab me and rape me.”

The incident is the latest in a long line of attacks by humpback whales that have been documented by researchers for years.

Humpback whales can weigh as much as 1,300 pounds and live up to 100 years.

They’re the largest of all large marine mammals and have been spotted near the United States, Japan and Australia.

The species is endangered in its wild habitat in the Atlantic Ocean.