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What to watch for this weekend’s Republican debate in Denver

What to Watch For This Weekend’s Republican Debate in Denver The debate is set to take place Sunday night in Denver, CO.

The topic of debate will be the Republican Party platform, which the Republican party released in early February.

The platform is a document that outlines the party’s policies and values and has been criticized for its lack of detail on social issues.

In the platform, the GOP states: “We reject the idea that we should limit women’s access to reproductive health care, as well as to contraception, abortion, and sterilization services.

We affirm the right of women to make their own health decisions without the interference of government.

We believe in a society where all people are valued equally and treated equally under the law.”

The platform also states: We affirm that the United States is the only country in the world where abortion is legal and that women are free to terminate a pregnancy if they choose, but we oppose any effort to impose such restrictions on women’s ability to choose.

“We reaffirm the value of all people of all races and ethnicities, and affirm that all of us are capable of making our own choices, free from discrimination and oppression.”

The Republican platform also says: We recognize the importance of ending the discrimination and racism that have defined our country for centuries, including racial and ethnic minorities, women, people with disabilities, LGBT people, people who are transgender, immigrants, Muslims, and members of other religious and racial groups.

We recognize that many of these groups have experienced profound and ongoing discrimination and prejudice.

We commit to ending these practices, and reaffirm our commitment to an inclusive society that respects the dignity and worth of all its people.

The GOP platform also promises that “no religious organization will be allowed to endorse or participate in any political campaign, including for public office.”

In February, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus said the platform would include a section that would include “a prayer section.”

Trump, meanwhile, has said that the platform will include a “prayer section” and have asked RNC officials to “put together a prayer section” for the convention.

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