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What’s happening with the Miami Heat?

Rapper/actor Mumble Rap has been in the headlines lately with a number of stories of rape allegations involving his name and image.

In one incident, he was accused of raping an aspiring rapper and rapper Drake was allegedly assaulted by Rap during a recent performance in the city of Miami.

Mumble is currently in the middle of filming his new movie, ‘The Dictator’, which is set to release on May 20.

Mumble recently released his new song, ‘Hip Hop Genius’, on his Mumble rap game game.

The song is a collaboration with rapper, producer, actor, rapper, rapper and producer DJ Khaled, and features appearances by Rihanna, Drake, and Nas.

The video is now available on Mumble.com and the Mumble app.

Watch the full Mumble Rapper video:Rapper/Actor/Producer/Actor, Mumble Mumble, is a rapper and actor/producer.

In his role, he is also a writer, producer and songwriter.

Mumbles new album, The Dictators, will be released on May 21, 2018.

Mumbles next album, ‘Gangsta Gangsta’, will be available May 27, 2019.