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A woman who raped a man in India was acquitted by a court

A woman convicted in India of raping a man has been acquitted by the Supreme Court of the country.

The trial court in Kolkata, on Monday, acquitted a woman, Eerima Bhat, of rape after her DNA was found not to be found on the man’s body, as required under the Indian law.

Bhat had claimed that she was raped by the man, who was found dead in the back of her car on July 14, last year.

The court said it was not satisfied that her DNA had been found on her body.

Bhatt’s lawyers argued that DNA testing showed that her blood on her shirt was not from the man and her DNA also did not match the man. 

A bench of Chief Justice A.S. Khanna and Justice B.

S Dharmadhikari also found that DNA tests were not enough to establish that the DNA was not found on Bhat’s body. 

Bhat’s lawyer, N. Raghavendra Yadav, told reporters outside the court that he was disappointed with the verdict. 

“This verdict does not solve the issue.

It is not a fair trial.

This verdict does a disservice to the victims.

We are not satisfied with the DNA test,” he said.

The case was heard in October last year, and the trial court had said in its verdict that the forensic tests done by the medical examiner, forensic scientists, and forensic pathologists did not prove that the man had been raped.

The trial court also said the DNA found on a woman’s arm in a garbage bin in December last year was not a match to the DNA of a man who was convicted of raping her in 2009. 

Kathmandu-based human rights lawyer D.R. Mehta, who is representing Bhat in the trial, said that while the court did not make any recommendation for leniency in sentencing, it wanted the women to be given some respite.

“We are not sure what sentence will be imposed in this case.

The sentencing of the woman should be on terms of a minimum jail term of three months, a maximum jail term and a fine of Rs1,000.

There should also be some punishment to be inflicted on the guilty,” Mehtas lawyer said.

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