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How to get an album’s worth of rap lyrics right

New Scientist magazine is proud to announce our latest edition, with some of the best rap lyrics on the planet.

The article is an in-depth look at the best of the rap genre.

There are also a few of the more straightforward raps from the year in question.

Read on for the best new rap lyrics of the year.

We are excited to present to you:The first line in the first line of The King of Queens’ “G.O.O.:D”:That’s a rap line.

The first verse of Big Boi’s “Boom Boi”:It’s a lot of words, but a good rap lineIf you’re on a track that gets big, you have to rap it for a long timeYou have to keep up your rhythm, you’ve got to keep rhymingYou can’t go wrong with rap lyrics in 2017It’s also great to hear the same rapping from Kendrick Lamar:”If I ever see a good rhyme I just like it”That’s also one of the most well-known lines from Kendrick’s DAMN.

You can find it here.

It’s a good one, too.

Another great one from the rapper:”When I think about being in love, I think I want to be with someone, that I love them, I love my family, I want my child to be happy”You know, you can’t take anything away from a great lyric, but these are some of his best.

Another rap line from Snoop Dogg:”I can’t be that man, that nigga”And finally, one of 2017’s best raps.

It comes from Big Sean:”Fuck the police, nigga, I’m the man, man, I can do it, I am the man”The line from Lil Wayne’s “GTA”:”I just want to do a little bit more than rap”That is the line of the month, right there.

We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.