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The best and worst rap albums of 2016

AUSTIN (AP) — There’s no question this year has been the worst year for old school rap music.

Its roots are rooted in the black community and it’s been heavily affected by the election.

In this article, we look at some of the worst records of the year, including the best, and offer some suggestions on what you should be listening to in the coming months.

Old School Rap: 2016 – The Best of Old School – Vol.

1The best rap albums by the top-selling artists of 2016 – Vol 1:Old School Rap Vol.1: The best rap music albums by artists that have sold over 10 million albums:

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How to get raped in Japan

JAPAN — An American woman who says she was gang raped by two Japanese men at a hotel in a popular resort city has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Japanese government of failing to adequately investigate the assault and covering it up.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco seeks $3 million in damages and the extradition of the men, who the woman says she is not related to.

The Japanese Embassy in Washington declined to comment.

The Associated Press first reported the case in July.

The two men, identified only by their initials Tetsuya and Tatsuya Yamashita, are charged with felony rape, according to the lawsuit.

The women allege they were forced to have sex with the men at the Sauna Inn Hotel in Tokyo, and the alleged attack lasted about a half hour.

They claim they were attacked as they were eating dinner and that they were also raped and tortured by the men as they watched, the lawsuit said.

The hotel manager says the two men are Japanese nationals, but they are not related.

In the lawsuit, the women claim they suffered psychological trauma, including nightmares, after the attack and that police did not investigate.

They also allege the hotel management failed to properly inform them about the assault.

The U.K.-based U.N. Human Rights Office has called on Japan to conduct an independent investigation of the case.

Japanese law does not provide for an independent criminal investigation, but the law requires authorities to make any investigation possible and notify the victims.

The man and woman have not been charged with any crimes in Japan.

The woman said she feels betrayed by Japan’s government.

How to be a great Rap Sheet author, Rap Sheet: Best Rap Songs

Best rap songs are always a fun topic to talk about and have been for years.

We’ve written an entire blog devoted to the topic, but for now, we’ll just focus on what is the best rap song.

We are going to start with the best of the best, and you’re going to be surprised by how good these songs really are.

This article is going to focus on the best Rap Sheet.

What is a Rap Sheet?

Rap sheets are collections of songs and albums that have been released on the same album, so it’s hard to know exactly what kind of music these albums contain.

In order to be categorized as a Rap Song, an album must have been produced in the same year that the song was released, or the year after the song’s release.

So if you were to go back and listen to the same song on Spotify and listen back, you might not know which songs on that same album were released the same month.

Rap songs are also known as “mixtapes” because they’re a compilation of songs.

It can be difficult to tell whether a single song is the first single released on a new album or a compilation.

This is why we usually refer to the first song on a mixtape as the “mixtape” and the second as the first “single.”

In other words, a single is the album.

If a single doesn’t make the first two or three singles on the album, that doesn’t mean the song isn’t on the list.

Rap Song Rankings A Rap Sheet is comprised of the songs that have had the most popular songs on each of the major streaming services ( Spotify , Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play Music ).

This list is based on the number of songs that were in the top 50 of the Top 100 albums in the Billboard 200 chart and the top 10 of the Billboard Top 40 albums.

Each week, we will list the top 100 albums from each of these streaming services.

The top 100 Billboard albums are based on all of the music released in the United States during the Billboard year.

The Top 100 Billboard album charts have been created by aggregating the sales of each artist’s entire catalog.

This includes albums released by artists such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Drake, and Lil Wayne.

So, in order to rank the top 200 albums in Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music on the Billboard charts, we need to include all of these artists’ entire catalog in the calculation.

For this article, we’re going the “best of the rest” route, so we’re looking at the best albums from all of Spotify, Apple, Tides, Apple’s own Beats 1, Beats Music, and Beats On.

Spotify, for example, has the most songs on the chart, with nearly 1.5 million songs on its top 100 album chart.

Tidal has more songs, but the overall number of Spotify songs is only around 800,000, making it the #1 album.

It’s no surprise that Tidal is the #2 artist, given that it has more than one million songs.

Tides has more artists on the charts than any other streaming service, but it’s clear that Tides does have a more diverse catalog.

Apple Music is the largest streaming service by the number in the Top 50 albums of each streaming service.

It has more music on the top 20 albums of all of streaming services, but less on the overall Top 100 list.

Amazon Prime has more albums in its Top 50 than Tidal or Spotify.

It also has more videos on its Top 100 album charts than Tides or Spotify, so there is more music available on Amazon Prime than there is on any other service.

Tied with Amazon Prime is Apple Music’s own Tidal.

It is the second most popular streaming service on both Spotify and Tidal by a wide margin, and it’s the #4 album on the Top 20 of all three services.

Beats Music is one of the smaller streaming services on both Tidal’s Top 50 and Apple’s Top 100 lists.

Beats has more on the Spotify Top 50, but on the Apple Music Top 100 it has less.

Apple has a lot more albums on its own Top 100, and Tides and Beats have fewer.

Apple’s top five albums are: “Album of the Week” by Kanye West (Beatles 1, Spotify, 1.2 million, Spotify Top 100) “Bodak Yellow” by Jay-Z (Beatle 1, Tunes, 2.4 million, Tearr Top 100), “The Art of Being Free” by Eminem (Tunes, 3.4 mil, Tame Impala Top 100).

Apple Music has the biggest catalog on all three platforms.

Beats 1 has more overall songs on Spotify than any of the streaming services combined.

Beats on is also the largest album in both Spotify’s Top 200 and Tunes’