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What the #RAPEPORN tweet means for the women who fought for women’s rights

Today, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and all federal funding for abortion providers.

The order, which is currently on hold, was an attempt to defund the organization.

As of Thursday, the Trump administration has taken the lead in the attempt to dismantle the organization, with the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions already taking over.

According to a statement from Planned Parenthood’s vice president of government relations, the organization is working closely with federal and state law enforcement to make sure that all women are protected from unsafe and harmful abortion services.

As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reviewing and expanding its abortion-providing resources.

It’s also working with the federal and local governments to ensure women are safe and have access to safe, legal abortion care, as well as expanding support to women and their health care providers.

“The Trump Administration has not only failed to provide safe and legal abortion services to women across the country, but also in the states and territories,” said Nita Lowey, executive director of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which represents Planned Parenthood.

“We continue to expect that these actions will lead to a number of women being harmed, including in states that have not yet enacted their own abortion restrictions.

In the meantime, Planned Parenthood remains committed to ensuring that every woman in America has access to quality, safe, and affordable health care services.

And it’s our hope that the Trump Administration will also take steps to make the Affordable Care Act a national priority for the health and safety of all Americans.”

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, there are currently 7,400 Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide.

In 2017, Planned Care was the nation’s leading provider of abortion services, with nearly 2.5 million patients.

“Planned Parenthood has worked tirelessly to provide affordable and comprehensive abortion services in America for decades, and we will continue to do so in the future,” said Nancy Northup, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

“As we work to ensure that every American has access, we also know that there are those who are trying to exploit our mission for their own ends.”

Rap songs with the shortest rap verses

When I was growing up, rap was pretty easy to find.

I remember the early days of SoundCloud, and I remember seeing an album by Lil Jon on Soundcloud with a lyric, “My best friend’s momma’s been cheating on me with the president.”

My friend was like, “Oh my god, that’s so dope!”

So I listened to it, and that’s how I got hooked on rap.

Now, I don’t really get rap anymore, but I think rap is my favorite genre, and my favorite rappers.

Rap is always a part of my life, whether I’m going out to a club or just hanging out.

It’s always fun to write lyrics.

When I think of the short rap verses that I like to do, I like the idea of, “Let’s write a rap song that’s not too long.”

Rap is so much more than that.

That’s what I like most about rap.

That sense of excitement that you get when you hear something so catchy.

I love that.

Rap’s been around for a long time, so I know it’s going to be the same thing in the future.

If you want to get into that side of rap, it’s like a new genre.

I think that’s really cool.

I like it.

I’m just so glad that people are so into it.

There are so many different types of rap.

I grew up listening to rap music in school.

I was just so into hip-hop, and it was like I’m from New York or something.

Rap was the thing that was cool.

There was a time where I was like “I don’t like rap.

It just sucks.”

That’s when I really started to appreciate rap.

When you’re growing up in New York, and you’ve heard hip-hoppers and artists like Nas and the Wu-Tang Clan, and there’s this whole underground scene of rap and everything, you’re like, you know what?

I think it’s dope.

I don´t think I’ll ever be in a rap group again.

I know that.

I’ve had so many friends who have gone through this.

They’ve had it, too.

It was a different time.

I can still hear the hip-hops that I was hearing as a kid, but it’s different.

There’s definitely more underground rap now, and the way they talk about it, it is different.

Rap, for me, is about that.

The way that they say it.

They know what they are saying.

Rap doesn’t necessarily have to be rap, though.

I feel like that’s where I really fall in love with rap.

There is something about the way that I’m listening to it.

Rap music has always been a part, so there’s always been that connection.

I just feel like rap has become a lot more popular.

There aren’t that many rappers that are really well known, but there are some great ones that are.

I always like to write a song for a record that I feel really good about.

For me, that comes from feeling really good when I write something.

That doesn’t mean that it’s really good.

It could be a bad song, and maybe it’ll just sound really bad, but if I’m really, really excited about it and it’s good, I will write it.

Sometimes I write songs that are a little bit different from the one I’m on.

I have a song called “Dumbphone” that’s actually about a stupid phone.

I wrote a song that I really feel good about that’s just about the dumbphone and the dumbphones.

It is a really, super smart song.

It has a nice flow.

The lyrics are really, very funny.

There might not be a lot of rhymes in there, but the rhymes are funny.

I want people to listen to that, and enjoy it.

People don’t want to hear bad rap.

If there is bad rap, I’m happy to have a good rap song.

That is why I love rap.

The songs are really good, and they can really make you feel good.

That sounds like a lot, but rap music is very much like that.

You feel like you’re part of a group.

There could be bad rappers in there.

But there are really talented rappers out there.

The fact that it doesn’t have that negative connotation with it, I think, is cool.

You just want to write good music.

I guess that’s my opinion.

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