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How to Stop Your Kids From Losing Their Minds on the Internet

Dolphins are the most commonly-watched animals on the internet.

They’re also a popular subject of sexual abuse jokes, with jokes being posted on Tumblr, Tumblr-owned Buzzfeed and a Facebook group called The Dolphins are the least-liked.

Dolphins are a protected species in the U.S., and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports that only 10 percent of all animals are cared for by licensed zoos and aquariums.

That’s a lot of animals being exploited in the name of entertainment.

But it’s also an extremely valuable resource for wildlife conservation.

There are over 5 million species of dolphins in the world, according to the Marine Mammal Center, but most of them are kept in captivity and kept in a small, small enclosure.

Many of these are kept as pets or kept in aquariums where they are often subjected to extreme confinement and neglect.

They can be killed, suffocated or starved to death.

Many dolphins have been found dead in the wild after being attacked or raped by humans.

Some of the most gruesome and graphic cases of rape have been documented in the documentary Dolphin Lives.

In January, the Humane Association released a report that found that only 20 percent of dolphins that are kept captive and subjected to cruel and abusive conditions are properly treated.

The dolphins are often kept in the same enclosure and suffer severe abuse and neglect and they’re denied food, water and adequate exercise.

It’s not just one group of dolphins being raped, it’s an entire population being abused, and it’s not right.

The Humane Society also reports that the majority of the dolphin-captivity trade is done on the high seas, where they’re kept in small tanks and are treated as disposable commodities.

They are not valued, and they often die after being sold as a commodity.

In one video from 2013, a dolphin being auctioned off as a trophy was forced to swim to a boat and drowned.

The video below shows how dolphins are abused and sexually exploited in captivity.

While there is no federal legislation prohibiting the trade in dolphins, the U-S.

Fish and Wildlife Service has begun an investigation into the industry.

In 2014, Congress passed the Endangered Species Act to protect endangered species from the cruel and unusual punishment that captive-bred dolphins can face.

However, dolphins are still kept as animals, and many are kept for their fur, fins and skin.

It has been estimated that there are as many as 2,500 dolphins living in the captivity trade.

In 2013, the Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Environment and Rural Development, claiming the government was complicit in the abuse of dolphins and that the U.-K.

was failing to protect dolphins.

The lawsuit claims that the UK’s dolphin trade is “torture and cruelty” that’s illegal under international law.

The UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) did not respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture and Sport told Business Insider that Defra works to protect the marine environment.

“The marine environment is one of the biggest threats facing the planet, with species threatened with extinction, as well as the need to protect them from the pressures of industrial and commercial fishing,” the spokesperson said.

“Our marine environment plays a central role in the development and protection of marine life and their habitats.

In fact, over 90 percent of marine species are found in and around the UK.”

The ministry said that it has taken action against dolphin trade but it’s unclear how much money it has made.

But Defra spokesperson Jane Smith told Business Insights that it’s “extremely difficult to estimate the amount of money that is being made from the export of dolphins.”

The minister said that the ministry is working with local authorities to “reinforce the existing protections in their local waters to ensure the safety of the marine life.”

It’s not the first time Defra has taken steps to protect marine life.

In 2014, Defra announced it was banning the import of whale, dolphin, and pelagic species and introduced a ban on the sale of dolphins.

In 2016, Defa said it was “making a strong commitment” to stop the import and sale of wild dolphins and whale, and to implement measures to prevent the trade of endangered species.

The new regulations will take effect in 2019.

How to Use the Rapid Card to Detect Rape and Other Sexual Assault: How to Find the Signs

What if you have to use the RapidCard to detect rape?

According to the American College of Physicians, rape is not uncommon, and rape is rarely a victimless crime.

What does this mean?

According the College of Medicine’s guidelines for reporting sexual assault, if you believe that someone has been sexually assaulted or have been the victim of sexual assault: •Report the crime to the police.

•Contact the victim if you can.

•Provide a detailed description of the crime and the victim’s name and address.

•Report it to a local law enforcement agency.

•Keep a written log of the encounter and of the steps taken to prevent a repeat of the incident.

In the case of an alleged sexual assault in which you are the victim, you should have a record of the investigation, including: •What happened •Who was assaulted •The victim’s identity •The date and time of the assault •Any evidence collected from the victim.

If you suspect you have been a victim of rape, it’s important to: •Provides evidence that the victim was wearing a condom and did not have an STD.

•Has the victim had physical contact with the accused.

•Can you provide evidence of where the alleged victim lived at the time of this incident?

The RapidCard can help you do this.

In addition to identifying the date, time and location of the alleged rape, the Rapid card is also useful in identifying if the victim is a “victim” or “victims.”

This card may be a key to helping police determine if the alleged incident occurred, and to establishing the relationship between the alleged crime and that of the victim and/or witnesses.

The Rapid Card can also help identify when an alleged crime is “rapid.”

In this case, the police may need to obtain more evidence in order to determine whether the crime was committed as early as possible.

In many cases, the accused will likely be charged with the offense that occurred in question.

In such cases, it is possible that the accuser can use the card to determine if a charge was filed.

The person who used the card is a member of the police department.

If the person who uses the card does not have a sworn affidavit of probable cause, police will use the information on the card.

In this situation, the person may be asked to provide additional information.

The information on a RapidCard is unique to the case.

For example, a victim may use a Rapid card to identify the date of the attack.

However, if a person has previously reported an incident to the victim that involved sexual assault but no charges have been filed, the victim will use a different Rapid card.

If an accused is charged, the court will consider the alleged offense, whether the accused committed the offense or was the victim in order for the judge to decide whether or not to charge the accused with the crime.

In some cases, such as a first-time offender, the defendant may be tried on a lesser charge than the crime charged.

The accused may also be prosecuted on a misdemeanor charge.

However it may be that the accused is guilty of a more serious crime than the alleged offenses.

The victim may be able to use a “preponderance of evidence” test to determine the veracity of the accuser’s story.

If, for example, the accuser reports that the person with whom she was attacked did not ask her to leave her apartment before engaging in sexual activity, then the victim may show more credibility in the case against the accused and, thus, a conviction may be possible.

When is a Rapid Card good for?

RapidCard tests are usually used to test for the presence of a disease.

A Rapid Card is also used to identify sexual assaults that have not been reported.

If a Rapid is not used, the card may not indicate that a crime occurred.

However in a rape case, it may indicate that the rape victim was incapacitated or physically helpless at the moment of the sexual assault.

It may also indicate that she was sexually assaulted and did so with the knowledge or consent of the accused, or that the perpetrator knew the victim would be present and took no precautions to avoid her.

The same type of RapidCard test is also commonly used to detect sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

RapidCard testing is generally not used to determine sexual orientation.

However many people are confused by the fact that RapidCard will detect sexual orientation if it is given to a person who has been asked for a Rapid, rather than a person to whom the card has not been given.

This is because a person’s sexual orientation does not determine the validity of the Rapid.

Sexual orientation can be tested using a saliva sample taken before and after an incident, in conjunction with the Rapidcard.

However if a Rapidcard is not given to the person requesting it, then no saliva sample is taken, and the Rapid cannot be used to diagnose the sexual orientation of the person receiving the

Which rap group is gayest?

There are some pretty big groups in the gay rap game, including A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, The Roots and Lil Uzi Vert.

But which group is the best at making music about the most disgusting, hurtful, homophobic, rape-prone or homophobic acts imaginable?

According to the latest research, we’re getting there.

Rapper Rick Ross has made waves with his song ‘Rap God’, which is so vile and offensive that it’s spawned its own meme: The Rap God.

The song was featured on the cover of the UK’s new fashion magazine Vogue and was released on Tuesday, a few days after the US rapper T.I. was sentenced to 30 months in prison for assaulting a woman at his Atlanta home.

Ross’s song, which was initially released as a single and later included in a concert video, is now the most-watched rap song in the UK.

The Vogue cover is accompanied by a video that features Ross wearing a dress with a red ribbon on it and an emojis of his wife, Beyonce, holding the same dress, while holding a black leather dildo.

In the video, he sings: “I’m gonna get your pussy now, I’m gonna take your cock/ I’ma fuck your face now, and fuck your ass now.”

The clip has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube, with more than a million views on Ross’s Instagram account.

It is the kind of music that has been used by the likes of Rihanna, The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj, and which is already trending on Twitter.

It also includes homophobic slurs such as “fag,” “gay” and “faggot”.

But it’s not the only music with such homophobic lyrics.

Some of the most popular rap songs featuring gay lyrics are The Beatles, The Beatles: Rock, Paper, Scissors, The Rolling Stones and even Eminem’s 2010 hit song, ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

It’s a disturbing trend.

The gay rap trend began to take off after the release of Eminem’s seminal 1994 album Straight Outta Chicago, which hit number one in the US and reached number one worldwide.

The album was a huge hit in America and many of the songs featured in the album were considered classics.

The following year, the R&B singer Drake released his second album, Views.

Views was an album that featured a slew of homophobic and sexist lyrics, including: “The world’s a gay bar/ We all need to find our gay side” and “(expletive deleted).”

“There was also a scene in the song where a man who had recently had sex with a woman came out of a bar and started dancing in front of her,” explained Dr Michael Sacks, a psychologist at University College London, who was involved in the research.

“One of the lyrics in the film says ‘You can kiss my ass, but I don’t want you to touch my ass.’

The lyrics about sex and sex-based violence are very disturbing.”

He explained that the lyrics are indicative of the type of homophobic misogyny that pervades modern gay culture.

“There are many examples of lyrics that are offensive in terms of the way they are used, the language used, and how they relate to people’s everyday experience of being gay or lesbian,” said Dr Sacks.

“These lyrics often relate to the same types of homophobic attitudes that are expressed in the lyrics of other music, including in music from The Beatles.”‘

Rap God’ may have been released years ago, but it has a lasting impact on many people.

It has been a long journey for Ross and his team.

The song has been in the works for years and has been released as an official music video for the rapper’s upcoming album.

Ross is also a well-known figure in gay culture, having previously released a documentary series on the subject called ‘The Truth About Homosexuality.’

“The truth about Homosexuals is that we’re not like everyone else,” Ross said at the launch of the documentary.

“There are a lot of gay people out there.

But I’m not a homophobe.

I’ve been married to the woman I love for 20 years, and she’s never done anything to me.

She never abused me, she never sexually harassed me, and I’ve never had any kind of sex with anybody.

But you know what?

I love women.”

He added: “It’s true that it wasn’t easy to make a song like ‘Rap GOD’, because I had to be a bit more careful about the lyrics.

But it has been great for me because it has given me the confidence to write music that’s really inclusive and really sensitive.”

Ross’s music is not the first time the song has had a big impact.

In 2013, the rapper Tyga released a track called ‘Dope’, which was released as part of his forthcoming album

‘Fatal’ Hollywood rape victim speaks out

Two former college athletes have shared a harrowing story of their rape, saying they were abused by a campus police officer in the aftermath of a brutal gang rape.

In the interview, a former USC football player, Josh Shaw, said he and other players were forced to stand at the front of the room and watch as two men approached them and forced their way into their dorm room.

The men were dressed in black uniforms and had long beards, Shaw said.

The men began attacking him and his teammates, while Shaw’s teammate, Chase Pouncey, was the only one who was not a victim of the attack.

Shaw said he was repeatedly raped by the two men while playing for USC in 2006.

In his account, Shaw described a group of men attacking him in his dorm room after he was forced to join them.

Shay said the two attackers were “fearful of him” and had told him “you’re not going to make it out alive” and “we don’t want you alive.”

The assault ended when Shaw “came to” the front door to defend himself.

He said he went outside and saw a man in a white shirt and jeans grabbing him by the neck and pulling him away from the door.

Shaws’ roommate, another USC football teammate, said the assault was not over until Shaw was “on the ground, face down, bleeding.”

In a letter to The Associated Press, Shaw’s attorney, Mark C. Rochon, called the accounts “frivolous.”

“I can’t believe the amount of blood that was on him,” Rochons statement said.

“The injuries to his neck and head are not consistent with a forcible attack.”

Rochon said he has “grave concerns” about the claims made by Shaw and that the university “should investigate these claims.”

“We need to know if the claims are true,” he said.

The school did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

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When will it be finished?

Rome: Football Italian football journalist and former FIFA vice president Guido Gentiloni has warned that it will take years for the tournament to be finished. 

With the first games taking place in March 2018, Gentilino’s comments come in response to reports in Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper, which claimed the 2022 World Cup will be the first time in more than a century the World Cup has not been held in Rome. 

“I am not saying this is the end of the World Cups,” Gentilinos statement said.

“There is still work to do but I am confident we will finish this tournament as the World Championships have. 

The World Cup is still one of the most prestigious competitions in the world and the world will see the spectacle that the tournament brings. 

But there is also work to be done to get the World Championship finished as well. 

There are still many things to be sorted out, and the work will continue. 

I will continue to keep an eye on this event, but I will not be surprised if it takes more than 10 years for it to be concluded.” 

Gentilinos comments come after the country’s Supreme Court ruled that the 2022 tournament will go ahead despite the ban on the event. 

After the court ruled on Friday, FIFA confirmed that the decision was the result of a technical error. 

FIFA Vice President of Communications and Communications Director Marco Tommasini said the decision is “the culmination of years of research and consideration and was made following the Supreme Court’s decision. 

A technical error resulted in the FIFA Executive Committee’s decision not to proceed with the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

It was an absolute decision, and I would like to express our sincere apologies to the FIFA family.” 

In a statement released on Friday night, the Supreme Judicial Council said that “a technical error” led to the decision not go ahead. 

As a result of the technical error, FIFA’s legal representatives did not present a valid technical basis for the decision to suspend the event and not proceed. 

In its decision, the council noted that FIFA “has been unable to demonstrate any reason to cancel the World Finals in 2018 and 2022, nor is there any reason for FIFA to delay the 2022-2023 World Cup in 2022”. 

“The committee considered the legal merits of the FIFA Decision and determined that the suspension of the tournament in 2019 would not constitute a violation of FIFA’s Charter,” the statement said, adding that the World’s Organisations will continue “to fight for the 2022 and the 2022 Confederations Cups”. 

However, Tommassini told Sky TG24 that he believes that the Supreme court “made the right decision”.

“It is the right thing to do, and it is a very clear decision and the decision has been accepted by the Supreme Judicature,” he said. 

Meanwhile, UEFA President Michel Platini said he is not ruling out the possibility of a World Cup change. 

Platini, speaking on the sidelines of the European Championships in Budapest on Friday evening, said that he is “not yet certain” about the 2019 World Cup, but that he “would like to see a change” of the format. 

If that happens, it will be “very important” for the 2020 European Championships, Platini added. 

And, while he said that there will be no change in the format, he also said that the format of the 2019 and 2020 European championships would “probably change a bit” to avoid any problems with the 2018 and 2020 World Cups.

“If you are looking for the right format and the right team and the best team, and that is the World Club Championships, I think the World Clubs will be stronger and the World Teams will be more prepared to play the best players in the World,” Platini explained. 

Speaking on the same day, UEFA Vice President Jérôme Valcke said that, “if a World Club Championship happens, that is a great tournament, and if we have a World Championship, then it is something very special.” 

“It will bring us closer together as a country and as a group,” Valckes statement added.

“It’s something I’m very proud of.

It’s a great event, I’m glad that it’s happening, I hope that we get a chance to see it, and maybe it will lead to a World Championships in the future. 

At the same time, if a World Team Championship happens then that is another special event.” 

The news of a change of format for the 2019 European Championships comes just days after the 2019 UEFA European Championships were postponed. 

Earlier this month, the European Club Championships were also postponed.

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How to be a rapper in the digital age

A decade ago, the average Joe was getting his coffee on the corner of 5th and Pine and listening to some good rap music.

That was it.

In the 21st century, hip-hop is a $2 billion business.

In a digital world where people can download music and listen to it at home without the need for a subscription, rappers can go from a novelty item to a massive industry.

It’s not just about getting signed to a major label, it’s about being the most popular rapper on the planet.

But there are some rappers who can’t get that kind of success in the 21nd century.

You may not be able to find a rapper with the name Eminem in the charts, but there’s a rapper who has made it to Number 1 on Billboard’s R&B list.

For the last 10 years, the rapper with that title has been an anonymous, self-titled rapper with a cult following, but the artist with the most followers on Twitter is none other than R. Kelly.

For more than a decade, R.K. has been a superstar on Twitter, and he’s done it without a single song or album.

His music has been sampled by Beyoncé, Beyoncé’s mother, Jay Z, Jay-Z’s son, Eminem, Rihanna, Rihannas husband, and Jay-A’s daughter.

And even if he were to drop a single, RK. would likely go viral for more than that.

R. K. has more than 5 million followers on his Twitter account, but that number doesn’t include his followers on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

The amount of people who follow him is huge, and it’s not like R.R. has a cult-like following.

He has a million followers, but it’s just a very small part of the world.

For example, just as the average hip-hopper can be seen on a subway or in a Starbucks at a quick glance, so too is R.

Kelly seen in a mall or at a Starbucks, but he doesn’t have to wear a suit to do that.

For years, he has been using the internet to create a huge fan base.

On the morning after the Super Bowl, RYG’s music was streamed more than 200 million times, according to SoundCloud.

And this is just for the Superbowl alone.

He even had the chance to record a song for Drake during the Supercup.

The internet has enabled him to reach a large and loyal following.

This is a person that can be a star in the mainstream.

It has allowed him to get the spotlight on TV, which was never the case before.

This means that R. R., as a rapper, can do anything he wants.

He can be an internet celebrity or an internet sensation.

And if he’s successful, he can be successful at his job.

In fact, it may just be the best job in the world for him.

The Internet has changed the way we communicate.

As a hip-hoper, R&B and R.&amp

When will a homophobic game stop?

Posted September 29, 2018 07:18:33A few weeks ago, a game developer was forced to make an important change to his game after the company received a number of complaints about a gay character in the game.

The change was not as drastic as it would seem.

The game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, featured a male lead character in a game that features a wide variety of playable characters.

It was only after a backlash from the LGBT community that the developer and publisher decided to move the character to a female lead.

This move was a major blow to the LGBT gaming community, and not the first time the company has faced backlash.

For instance, last year, the developer, Treyarch, faced a backlash for its decision to allow its game The Banner Saga to feature a gay female character.

In response, Treyarchs CEO, John Riccitiello, said in an interview that the company had a “morally right” to change the gender of its characters, and he did not feel that the change had been taken away from the game’s community.

This led to calls for the studio to remove the character from the title altogether.

A few weeks later, the company announced that it would be taking the change down.

Now, with the latest backlash against the company, the game developer has decided to go ahead and bring back the gay character.

However, he will have to wait until the game is out in 2017 to do so.

“Our current plan is to do this in a limited amount of time so that our fans can experience the game in the best possible way,” said Treyarch co-founder, Trey “Trey” Martin.

“We have been listening to our fans and making sure that the characters that we created for this title will have a good amount of life, and so we’ll be able to bring them back as soon as we can.”

The game that the studio plans to bring back is Call of Deceit, a new title for Xbox One and Xbox 360 that features several different characters.

The developer has already begun working on the character for the upcoming Xbox One X. As the game progresses, fans will have the chance to try out the new character as well.

“As the year goes on, the characters of Call of Duties will evolve, so we’re hoping to have a character that is more than just a straight dude,” said Martin.

In addition, the developers plan to add more gay characters to the game as the year progresses.

“The game is already full of characters that are gay and lesbian, and as we’ve said in the past, we hope to see more,” said James “Jamie” Smeaton, creative director of Treyarch.

“If the game continues to grow as we’re seeing the demand for new characters grow, we’re going to have more options for those characters as we continue to evolve the game.”

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What the research says about rapid weight gain

Rapid weight gain is an emerging issue in the field of obesity research. 

Researchers are studying it as a way to explain why some people gain too much weight at a young age, or even why some develop obesity later in life. 

The research is based on a group of studies that has been conducted by a number of researchers over the last few years. 

In this article, we take a look at the research that has led to the rapid weight gains that have been observed in the past few years in many countries, and what this study has to say about obesity in general.

The studies that have looked at the question of rapid weight increase are all based on the results of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a nationally representative study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

The NHANES is an ongoing study that collects data on the health and nutrition status of U.S. adults, and collects information about obesity prevalence. 

This data is collected from about 30,000 individuals across the U.K., Canada, and the U-S.A.  For example, over the past decade, researchers have found that in the U and U-K, the rate of obesity has been increasing.

The reason that this has happened is that the rate at which people become obese has been steadily increasing, and people who are overweight are getting older, which has led them to become more overweight.

This is why a lot of people who were obese in their teens, 20s, and 30s are now overweight.

So, in fact, the more overweight you are, the faster your body will start to change.

This is one reason why people who gained more weight in their 30s and 40s are starting to gain more weight later in their life.

A lot of the new research is now based on these data sets, and we’ve found that people are actually gaining more weight over time as they get older.

What this means is that they are gaining more fat as they age.

When you look at people who have gained more body weight in the last 10 to 15 years, you will find that most of them are now obese.

For example: Researchers from the University of Melbourne found that among people who had been obese at age 10 or more, the average body mass index (BMI) among people of that age group was 25.

However, when they looked at those people in their 50s, they found that the average BMI was 27.

These results suggest that people of this age group have been gaining more body fat over time.

Also, in this age range, there is a significant difference between those people who now weigh more and those who used to weigh less.

Researchers at University College London have also found that individuals who are obese are more likely to develop diabetes over the course of their life than those who are not obese. 

Another study has found that those who have been obese for a certain number of years have higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

One of the studies that was conducted by researchers at the University College of London found that obese individuals who had a BMI of 30 or higher had a greater risk of dying prematurely.

In this study, the researchers looked at 5,000 people and found that an obese individual with a BMI over 30 had a 1.3 times higher risk for dying prematurely than those with a normal BMI.

Another study that looked at 2,000 obese people over a 15-year period found that obesity increases the risk of diabetes.

Studies in Japan and China have also reported that obese people have a higher risk than the general population of developing hypertension.

Scientists are still looking at how rapid weight increases are associated with certain diseases.

We know that obesity is associated with hypertension, but there is not much we can do to prevent this disease.

One of the ways to prevent obesity is to reduce the amount of body fat you have, but the other way around is to lose weight.

Some of the research on obesity has focused on people who gain weight rapidly.

It’s possible that this rapid weight growth is due to people who take certain drugs or have certain medical conditions that cause them to gain weight.

For example, some people with obesity are prescribed medications that increase the amount and the intensity of their appetite. 

However, it’s also possible that people with high blood pressure and obesity are also taking medications that decrease their blood pressure. 

Some of these drugs are known to affect the blood vessel walls and the nerves that control appetite.

It’s also very possible that some of these medications are related to the increase in weight. 

One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that taking a drug called niacin or folic acid to treat high blood sugar can lead to an increase in rapid weight loss.

Niacin is a dietary supplement that

How to use QuickRip Rock to create an album cover in 4 easy steps

QuickRips Rock is a service that allows you to create a rock album cover for a song, using a single photo and a few clips.

If you want to do that for a track that’s already out there, you can just upload the clip, and QuickRrip Rock will generate a template to use.

However, you don’t need to be an artist or musician to create this sort of cover.

The process is really straightforward: you just need to select a video clip, a single video clip and some clips to cover the music in the video.

You can then upload them to QuickRipps Rock, and it will automatically generate the cover for you.

Once you’ve done that, you simply drag and drop the covers to QuickRap Rock’s new Album Cover template.

Now that you have your cover, you’re ready to use it.

Step 1: Create a new QuickRipping Rock accountStep 2: Select a clip in the drop-down menu and drag it from QuickRipples to your QuickRipped Rock account to start the processStep 3: Add a video and drag from QuickRapRock to your new QuickRap coverStep 4: Create your coverNow that your cover is in place, you have the ability to start working on the actual artwork.

Simply select your cover from QuickLip Rock, QuickRipto Rock or QuickRapRip and drag the video clip to your image library.

Repeat this process for all of your cover templates.

To get the best results, use a video or audio clip that’s as short as possible, such as a quick laugh or a quick video of your dog barking.

Here are a few quick examples of covers for songs by some of the biggest artists on the planet:The best part is, the cover you create will be placed in your album’s artwork, so it’s ready to go right away.

Want to make a video cover for your favorite artists?

Simply create an Album Cover for them and upload it to QuickLips Rock, where it’ll be placed on QuickRap Rips Rock.

How to make QuickRap Music videosThe same thing goes for music videos.

Just like QuickRap Rocks, you just have to upload the video to Quick Rap Rock and QuickRap is the process that creates the music.

In the end, you get a video that you can use to use on your cover.