When will it be finished?

Rome: Football Italian football journalist and former FIFA vice president Guido Gentiloni has warned that it will take years for the tournament to be finished. 

With the first games taking place in March 2018, Gentilino’s comments come in response to reports in Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper, which claimed the 2022 World Cup will be the first time in more than a century the World Cup has not been held in Rome. 

“I am not saying this is the end of the World Cups,” Gentilinos statement said.

“There is still work to do but I am confident we will finish this tournament as the World Championships have. 

The World Cup is still one of the most prestigious competitions in the world and the world will see the spectacle that the tournament brings. 

But there is also work to be done to get the World Championship finished as well. 

There are still many things to be sorted out, and the work will continue. 

I will continue to keep an eye on this event, but I will not be surprised if it takes more than 10 years for it to be concluded.” 

Gentilinos comments come after the country’s Supreme Court ruled that the 2022 tournament will go ahead despite the ban on the event. 

After the court ruled on Friday, FIFA confirmed that the decision was the result of a technical error. 

FIFA Vice President of Communications and Communications Director Marco Tommasini said the decision is “the culmination of years of research and consideration and was made following the Supreme Court’s decision. 

A technical error resulted in the FIFA Executive Committee’s decision not to proceed with the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

It was an absolute decision, and I would like to express our sincere apologies to the FIFA family.” 

In a statement released on Friday night, the Supreme Judicial Council said that “a technical error” led to the decision not go ahead. 

As a result of the technical error, FIFA’s legal representatives did not present a valid technical basis for the decision to suspend the event and not proceed. 

In its decision, the council noted that FIFA “has been unable to demonstrate any reason to cancel the World Finals in 2018 and 2022, nor is there any reason for FIFA to delay the 2022-2023 World Cup in 2022”. 

“The committee considered the legal merits of the FIFA Decision and determined that the suspension of the tournament in 2019 would not constitute a violation of FIFA’s Charter,” the statement said, adding that the World’s Organisations will continue “to fight for the 2022 and the 2022 Confederations Cups”. 

However, Tommassini told Sky TG24 that he believes that the Supreme court “made the right decision”.

“It is the right thing to do, and it is a very clear decision and the decision has been accepted by the Supreme Judicature,” he said. 

Meanwhile, UEFA President Michel Platini said he is not ruling out the possibility of a World Cup change. 

Platini, speaking on the sidelines of the European Championships in Budapest on Friday evening, said that he is “not yet certain” about the 2019 World Cup, but that he “would like to see a change” of the format. 

If that happens, it will be “very important” for the 2020 European Championships, Platini added. 

And, while he said that there will be no change in the format, he also said that the format of the 2019 and 2020 European championships would “probably change a bit” to avoid any problems with the 2018 and 2020 World Cups.

“If you are looking for the right format and the right team and the best team, and that is the World Club Championships, I think the World Clubs will be stronger and the World Teams will be more prepared to play the best players in the World,” Platini explained. 

Speaking on the same day, UEFA Vice President Jérôme Valcke said that, “if a World Club Championship happens, that is a great tournament, and if we have a World Championship, then it is something very special.” 

“It will bring us closer together as a country and as a group,” Valckes statement added.

“It’s something I’m very proud of.

It’s a great event, I’m glad that it’s happening, I hope that we get a chance to see it, and maybe it will lead to a World Championships in the future. 

At the same time, if a World Team Championship happens then that is another special event.” 

The news of a change of format for the 2019 European Championships comes just days after the 2019 UEFA European Championships were postponed. 

Earlier this month, the European Club Championships were also postponed.

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