How to Get Away With Murder: How To Get Away with Murder is a Rap Song

The newest installment in the “How to Get away with murder” series focuses on how to get away with murdering someone. 

As the title suggests, the song is a parody of how murder works in the TV show, Murder, and features some of the most iconic songs from the show, such as the title track, “Crazy” and “Wrecking Ball.” 

It’s not your typical rap song, however, as it features lyrics from actual murder cases. 

“I’m tired of getting away with my crimes/It’s like getting away from my kids/They’re always in my mind,” “Criminal” lyrics read. 

The song also includes a snippet of an actual murder case from the Netflix series, which will be released on June 18.

“I’ll kill you,” one of the characters says in the song. 

A similar song, titled “Getaway,” is also available as a download.

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