Which rap chip company is best at rap?

With hip hop’s popularity booming and rappers’ careers on the rise, there’s a new industry in the making: rap chips.

They’re tiny, chip-sized devices that allow rappers to create their own music on the fly.

But they’re also an entirely different beast.

Some rap chip companies are already making their own rap chip and it’s making rap music more accessible and more interesting.

Here are eight of the biggest rap chip makers.


Mumble Rap chip companies have been around for decades.

Since its inception in 2004, the Mumble chip has been an innovator in the world of rap music, with its original chip allowing anyone to create a song for just $1.

It was launched in the U.S. as Mumble’s Music Studio, but has since expanded to include a range of apps and services for making music, including the popular Mumble Music Maker, which lets you create songs and tracks from scratch for less than $1 per track.

Mumbly is also making a move into music streaming, partnering with Pandora to create its own streaming service.


Rap Chips are already on the shelves, and they’re getting a bit cheaper.

A recent report by Bloomberg found that Rap Chips accounted for around 9% of the overall U.K. music market, with the chip maker making up roughly 25% of that market.

Rap chip maker RapiChip makes its own chip for about $0.07 per chip, but the price is actually pretty low, ranging from $0,01 to $0

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