When will a homophobic game stop?

Posted September 29, 2018 07:18:33A few weeks ago, a game developer was forced to make an important change to his game after the company received a number of complaints about a gay character in the game.

The change was not as drastic as it would seem.

The game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, featured a male lead character in a game that features a wide variety of playable characters.

It was only after a backlash from the LGBT community that the developer and publisher decided to move the character to a female lead.

This move was a major blow to the LGBT gaming community, and not the first time the company has faced backlash.

For instance, last year, the developer, Treyarch, faced a backlash for its decision to allow its game The Banner Saga to feature a gay female character.

In response, Treyarchs CEO, John Riccitiello, said in an interview that the company had a “morally right” to change the gender of its characters, and he did not feel that the change had been taken away from the game’s community.

This led to calls for the studio to remove the character from the title altogether.

A few weeks later, the company announced that it would be taking the change down.

Now, with the latest backlash against the company, the game developer has decided to go ahead and bring back the gay character.

However, he will have to wait until the game is out in 2017 to do so.

“Our current plan is to do this in a limited amount of time so that our fans can experience the game in the best possible way,” said Treyarch co-founder, Trey “Trey” Martin.

“We have been listening to our fans and making sure that the characters that we created for this title will have a good amount of life, and so we’ll be able to bring them back as soon as we can.”

The game that the studio plans to bring back is Call of Deceit, a new title for Xbox One and Xbox 360 that features several different characters.

The developer has already begun working on the character for the upcoming Xbox One X. As the game progresses, fans will have the chance to try out the new character as well.

“As the year goes on, the characters of Call of Duties will evolve, so we’re hoping to have a character that is more than just a straight dude,” said Martin.

In addition, the developers plan to add more gay characters to the game as the year progresses.

“The game is already full of characters that are gay and lesbian, and as we’ve said in the past, we hope to see more,” said James “Jamie” Smeaton, creative director of Treyarch.

“If the game continues to grow as we’re seeing the demand for new characters grow, we’re going to have more options for those characters as we continue to evolve the game.”

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