When rap lyrics are really bad

Rap lyrics have long been associated with a certain sort of hip-hop aesthetic, but that has now been proven wrong.

The Rap-Lyrics Association of America has launched a contest that asks rappers to come up with lyrics that “sound like a real rap lyric.”

The contest, which was first launched by the RLA in 2005, was inspired by the idea of “rap poetry,” a genre that combines hip-hopping and poetry in a way that is more accessible than other types of poetry.

The RLA’s competition aims to create a better understanding of rap lyrics, which have long had a strong cultural resonance in the United States.

The group says the idea came to it after seeing rappers like Lil Uzi Vert and Nas using rap lyrics to explain their lives.

The lyrics of many rap artists are a mixture of poetry and lyrics that are also about the subject matter, but not necessarily the same.

These types of rap poetry can be used to explain the lyrics themselves, the group said.

It’s the sort of poetry that’s so powerful that you think, “This is what rap should be about.”