How to get arrested in Ireland

The Irish public has reacted to the news that a dolphin was raped and left for dead in the ocean, with the headline “What to do when you’re attacked by a dolphin” rising in the Irish Times.

There have been reports of attacks on dolphins and seals in the past.

The news that an animal had been raped in the water was reported by the Independent on Sunday.

The newspaper said that a number of attacks had taken place, including one on a man who was attacked by the dolphin and left in the sea for more than three days.

The dolphin had been swimming near the shore of the city of Kinsale.

The man, who was later found unconscious and with broken ribs, was arrested after his girlfriend spotted the dolphin near the city centre.

The paper reported that the dolphin had its head lowered to the water as it urinated and had its anus exposed.

“The dolphin had also urinated on the man’s face and had left its anus uncovered and was still there as the man tried to reach it,” it said.

It added that the man was later diagnosed with serious injuries and spent three days in hospital.

In 2016, the Times reported that dolphins had attacked a man in an attempt to rape him and left him for dead.

In that case, he was treated for injuries to his face, neck and upper body.