Which man’s ramen was cooked in the wrong way?

A man has been charged with raping a woman at a ramen restaurant in Australia.

The man allegedly pulled off his pants, and then raped her in the ramen room.

The woman said she woke up with bruises on her body, and was unable to move her legs after being raped.

Police say they believe the man’s attack was the first time he had assaulted someone in the country.

A 22-year-old man has also been charged in relation to the attack, which happened at a Melbourne restaurant in late December.

The 23-year old woman was at the restaurant with her partner, and they both drank ramen.

The victim said she was unable and unresponsive when she woke.

Police believe the victim was at her partner’s apartment at the time of the attack.

The accused has been remanded in custody and will appear in court later this month.

The ramen is sold in a variety of sizes and flavors.