Japan rape ‘rape gougy’ report comes out ahead of US, US Congress

The Japanese government’s report on rape, a key focus of a United Nations panel, is the latest to be released ahead of the United States Congress.

The rape of a 17-year-old girl at a Tokyo subway station last month has drawn a sharp rebuke from Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) which has been fighting to ensure the report is properly reviewed and released.

The Rape Gougy report was prepared by a panel of doctors and psychologists, and was published in April by the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women.

It found that rape victims are often sexually assaulted by men who are intoxicated and in control of their own actions.

It also found that “the majority of rapes were not reported by the victim”.

In March, Japan’s prime minister and the country’s deputy prime minister announced that the rape report would be released.

“It’s important to release the report before the United Nations and Japanese people are told what happened, and it also helps people to understand what happened,” said Liberal Democrat prime minister Shinzo Abe in a televised statement on April 1.

The LDP’s party leader, Shinzo Abe, is also leading a campaign to have the report reviewed and published in Japan.

On Thursday, the LDP published the report on its website.

“In order to ensure public understanding of the facts, the report contains information that is difficult to comprehend for a wide audience, including rape victims,” it said.

It said that the panel of psychologists and doctors found that women are more likely to be raped if they are in a position of trust and control.

It added that many rapists are young men who may be intoxicated.

The report also said that women in Japan are “particularly vulnerable to rape”.

Japan’s top prosecutor, Kishimoto, said that while he was “confident that the report will be released promptly and comprehensively”, he “was concerned by some of the problems”.

He said that, based on the report, there is “no evidence that any Japanese women have been raped”.

He added that the police “must act immediately to solve the crime of rape in Japan”.

The rape report came as a surprise to Japan’s government.

In April, the country was under pressure from international human rights groups to publish a comprehensive rape report on a fast-growing crime.

The government’s policy was to publish only the most relevant information, and the panel had said it would review the entire report before it was released.