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A lot of the lyrics for Rap songs are really short, but sometimes the lyrics are really long.

The short ones can have many meanings and can include: The words are short in the beginning, like a song is only a few lines long.

Or they are really very long in the middle, like this is a very long rap song.

And sometimes the long ones are just short lyrics, like in this rap song, there are some words in the lyrics that are really lengthy.

So you can try to find out whether your friend’s lyrics are short or long.

And if your song is very long, you can also try to understand what the word means.

For example, the word “gaddu” is short in Hindi, which means a word that means “deeper”.

And “desh” means a deep, or more.

So if you hear the word desh in the first verse, it could be a short meaning, or it could mean deeper meaning.

Sometimes short meanings are very common and long meanings are rare, but you can find out which ones are rare.

So to find the shortest meaning for desh, you should listen to the lyrics.

And to find which meanings are common in short lyrics and which ones you should be more careful about, I suggest that you search online.

There are plenty of lyrics on the internet that are very short, and you can check them out.

If you find a word or a word meaning in a short song, you might be able to figure out which one it is.

You can also search for short lyrics online.

So when you are trying to figure it out, don’t be afraid to look for words that mean deep, deep meaning.

So long and short lyrics are not always related.

So, if your friends’ lyrics are longer than your own, it might be good to look up some short lyrics of your friends and ask them if they are still playing their songs, or you might get some hints that you can use.

So the longer your lyrics are, the more likely it is that they are not just short, they are deep.

And it could even be that they don’t even mean what they say.

So that is how you can tell whether your friends are a Rap song.