How to rap without having to think about lyrics

Rap god is a term used to describe a rapper who has mastered the art of rap without necessarily understanding what the words mean or how they work.

The rapper will usually rap over the words on the song, but they will always have a slight rhyme or a rhythm that fits the song.

That is why rap gods can sometimes be difficult to describe, as the rapper doesn’t have to consciously think about what he is saying.

Instead, the rapper just writes his own rhyming phrase and then executes it perfectly, making it easy for the listener to understand what is going on.

So the name is not meant to imply a genius rapper, but rather the artist that knows how to do the things a great rapper would.

The other thing to note is that rappers like Eminem and Kanye West have perfected rap by having lyrics that are simply not meant for comprehension.

When a rapper writes a song that is so easy to understand, it is easier for the audience to listen and learn.

The rappers use the words in a way that is consistent with the songs meaning, not necessarily because the lyrics are easy to decipher.

When you rap, you want the listener’s attention to be on the music and not on the words.

It is important that the listener is paying attention to the words and not the music, so that when the words are finished, the listener will have a strong sense of accomplishment.

When it comes to learning, you should practice your rap by practicing your words, so you can really understand what the rapper is saying, which helps you to really rap.

If you want to learn, practice it, and learn, you can practice it.

Learn the words you are learning.