How to get an autograph from Kanye West, Kanye West Jr. and Jay Z at an event

An event where Kanye West and Jay J. Z sign autographs has been going on for a long time in New York City, but for those who live in the Upper East Side, there’s one person who gets to sign the rapper and his fellow superstars: the New York Yankees star outfielder.

On Monday, April 28, the Yankees’ new home park, Yankee Stadium, hosted a private signing of West, Jay J., and their fellow players for about 50 people.

It was a special event for fans who live close to the Yankee Stadium and, if you’re lucky enough to live near it, have a chance to sign Kanye West at least once.

This is the second signing of the day for the Yankees, who had previously signed Jay Z, Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, and other superstars.

Kanye West is a New York native, but he moved to New York from California in the late 1990s and moved back to New Yorks in 2010.

Jay Z moved to the city in 2011 and, as of this writing, is signed to Adidas.

He recently signed to adidas.

The Yankees are currently looking for a new starting shortstop, and their first signing of 2017 was made last month, when they signed Josh Donaldson to a $130 million contract extension.

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