How to Be a Rap Artist in 2017

Rapper Kendrick Lamar released a song in 2017 called “Lemonade.”

This was the year in which a new genre of music emerged in the rap genre called hip-hop.

This new sound came about after a year of experimentation with beats, production and lyrics that allowed rappers like Kendrick to showcase their distinctiveness without resorting to a beat-based production and lyrical style.

The genre is still in its infancy, but there are already many tracks from Kendrick and fellow Los Angeles rapper Drake that have made their way into the music world.

Here are five songs from Kendrick’s debut album, “Lemme See What You Got,” that have a similar vibe.1.

“Crazy” (ft.

Rihanna)When you hear the word “crazy,” you might think of the term “gangsta” or “rap,” but the word is also a reference to a specific social order.

It refers to a group of people who are always trying to be cool and in control.

These people are generally a group that consists of a group (sometimes a family) of people, but they can be anyone.

“The crazy” is a common refrain in the hip-hopper genre.

In the song, the group of “crazy” rappers have a lot in common with one another.

One of them is a big fan of Rihanna, and the other is a huge rapper in the group.

These rappers are known for making music that is as hard as it is dope.

The lyrics of the song refer to the lyrics of a video game, and its the video game that is referenced in the song.

There is an interesting parallel in the lyrics to the song: “Crazed I think I’ve seen everything” which is a reference, according to the rapper, to the game “Skullgirls.”

The lyrics of “Cranes in the Sky” are also very similar to a video-game reference, but it is also an important comparison.

The game is called “Crimson Tide,” and it is based on the real-life gangster film “Gangs of New York.”

The movie was made in the 1960s and is about a New York street gang called “the Ghetto Bands.”

The film was released in 1965, and many of the characters in the film were members of the gang, such as “The Ripper,” “Romeo,” and “Cocaine.”

These characters are the ones who commit the most murders and murders of the film, and they are the most ruthless.

The song is about gangsters who kill people, even those who are innocent.

It’s about being a bad guy, and it’s about the violent nature of life.

It reminds me of the video-games, and I love video-games, because they are so different from real life, which is so much like gangster movies, and their violence and their brutality.

In one of the scenes in the video games, you kill a cop in the middle of a shootout.

You have to do it quickly because you don’t want to hurt the cop, and he is very weak and you have to kill him.

So, it reminds me a lot of the violence in the gangster films.

The “Crocodile” video game was released on PlayStation 2 in 2007, and in the game, you control a crocodile named “The Crocodile.”

He is a character that was made famous in the movie “The Lost Boys,” a movie that starred Kevin Costner and Daniel Day-Lewis.

In that movie, the croc kills a man, and his father.

He is so dangerous because he’s so tough.

He’s got a real gun.

You can see the crocodile in action in the “Crop.”

There are also two characters that have the same name, the “Lucky Croc” and the “The Snake.”

They are two characters from the game that were voiced by the actors who portrayed them.

The video game is also the inspiration for the song “Ruthless,” which features the same croc, the same voice and the same title.

The Crocodilians and Snake are from the same movie.

They are named for the same character in the same game.

The crocodile is called The Snake.

The croc is called the Crocodilian.

So the video has two crocodiles that are from two movies, but the crocs name is a bit different.

The same name is used for both Crocodiles, but you’ll notice that they are called The Croc and The Snake in different ways.

This was also the year of the debut of “Drake,” who was also a big star in the music scene.

He released a video called “Rude Boy” and was also named after a movie.

He was named after the actor who played him in the musical, “The Lion King.”

It’s interesting that Drake, who was known for his hard-hitting rap style, chose the name for the

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