Which college teams have the best and worst mascots?

The college football world has been abuzz about the mascot controversy that erupted when former Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller left Ohio State to sign with the Tennessee Titans.

The controversy resulted in several schools changing their mascots, including Ohio State and Auburn.

After the controversy, the Ohio State athletic department made several changes to its uniforms, including a blue and yellow striped helmet with red trim, a white helmet with a red stripe on the front and red lettering that reads “Ole Miss” on the back.

The school also introduced a new uniform, which featured a blue shirt and a white tie.

The new uniform had orange trim on the shoulders and sleeves and a blue stripe running down the center of the collar, which the team says is a nod to the school’s iconic football colors of orange and blue.

A recent survey of Ohio State’s fans suggested that the changes made fans more positive toward the Buckeyes, but some of the most outspoken fans said they were upset with the team’s new uniforms and didn’t like the overall look of the new uniform.

The University of Michigan unveiled a new black and white jersey, which also features red trim and a black stripe running across the chest.

Michigan’s new uniform is the most conservative to date, according to a fan poll by the Wolverines fan site Big Ten Football.

Michigan fans were not happy with the black and black design, but they are happy with their new uniforms, the Wolverians’ head coach Jim Harbaugh said.

The Michigan team was not as vocal about its changes, according the Michigan Daily.

Michigan, a Big Ten member, has been criticized for the new uniforms since the 2016 season, when it was criticized for not playing its traditional football colors.

The Wolverines wore the red and white for most of the season.

But the Wolveries began wearing the black jersey this season, and it is their only official home jersey for the upcoming season.

Michigan also changed its mascot from the black-and-white helmet to a black and yellow helmet, but Michigan fans weren’t happy with that change, according Michigan Daily’s Nate Ryan.

“I just don’t think the Wolverias mascot is the best, and I don’t like how they’re going to be doing this.

I don.t think they’re getting a bad grade out of me for that,” Ryan told the Michigan News.

“They’re not going to change their mascot for the next three years, so it doesn’t seem like they’re doing it for the fans.

They’re not.”

The Wolveries did not immediately respond to FOX Sports’ request for comment.

The majority of Michigan fans in the poll said they would have liked to see the team use the purple helmet instead of the red one.

“The red helmet, I feel like it’s the wrong way to go about it.

I mean, I’ve got my old purple helmet.

I can understand if you have a big crowd and you’re trying to get the crowd in and you want the fans to know what the name is and what it means, but that’s not going the right way.

And I don;t like it,” Ryan said.

Ohio State fans were more vocal about their dislike for the team changes.

They were the most vocal of the fan groups.

We want the black, blue and white helmets.

But we are not going for the purple.

We’re not the loudest fans in that room, but we are the loudEST fans,” Ryan explained.

“And we have no complaints about the blue helmet. “

We’re going back to our blue helmet and purple helmet, that’s all,” Hackenberg told the Associated Press.

“And we have no complaints about the blue helmet.

We have complaints about what we are going to do with our purple helmet and we are concerned that there is going to have to be a change in the next year or two, because we have a great fan base and a great university.”

Michigan’s changes to the team colors and uniforms are in stark contrast to the teams’ response to the controversy.

Michigan was one of the first schools to change its uniforms when it changed the name of its football team in 2015.

Michigan became the first university to change the colors of its home and away jerseys in the 2016-17 season, but the team did not play in a regular season game until the 2018 season.

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