Creeper Rap Star Cee-Lo Green Is A ‘Giant Killer’ In India

CeeLo Green has been a star of rap since he was 13.

And he’s just one of many Indian artists to have taken to the streets in the country to protest against the government.

Now the rapper is back on the streets again.

In this clip, Cee Lo Green talks about how he got his start, and how he’s been doing what he’s doing ever since.

CeeLo is an avid gardener, which led him to start working with his hands, making pots for him to feed his family.

His mom also helps out by tending to the plants in their garden.

As for the protestors in India, Cees is on the side of the government, saying he’s always been a part of the protests.

“I’m part of these protests because I have always been on the same side as the protestors.

They are trying to change India and they are trying change India for the better.

So I support them 100%.

So it’s not my decision to take a side.

It’s my decision as an Indian to stand up and protest,” he said.”

But I don’t have to be the king of the hill.

We have other kings like Jay-Z, Eminem, Beyonce, etc. They’re all doing it.”

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